Meeting Agenda and Minutes

  • The Orchard Prairie Board of Directors added the following statement to their Electronic Information System (K-20 Network) Policy 2022 at their regular Board Meeting on July 19, 2012.

    "To help ensure student safety and citizenship in online activities, all students will be educated about the appropriate behavior, including interacting with other individuals on social networking websites and in chat rooms, and cyberbullying awareness and response."




    Board Agenda:

    Orchard Prairie School District No 123                
    7626 N. Orchard Prairie Road
    Spokane, WA 99217
    Board of Directors
     Regular Meeting August 20, 2013
    7:30 PM

    I.                     Call to order and flag salute

    II.                    Roll call and determination of quorum

    III.                  Agenda review


    IV.                 Comments for the good of the school


    V.                   Correspondence


    VI.                 Approval of the Minutes of July 23 , 2013, Board of Director Meeting.


    VII.                Review of Budget Status Reports for July, 2013.


    VIII.              Approval of Operating Expenses for July, 2013.


    A.        Payroll and Benefits                                   $ 48,586.39

    B.       Accounts Payable                                         $       894.87

                     $ 49,481.26


    IX.                  Continuing Business

    X.                    New Business

    A.        Board Meeting day - Dan


    XI.                  Executive Session (if needed)


    XII.                Adjourn







    Board Minutes:

                                                                                            ORCHARD PRAIRIE SCHOOL DISTRICT

    Minutes of the Budget Hearing and Regular Board Meeting

                                                  July 23, 2013


    Members present included: Steve Flinn, Dan Cutler, Suzanne Savall, Lorna St. John, Christi Dahl, Business Manager, and Duane Reidenbach, Superintendent. Carol Hollar excused


    The Budget Hearing for the 2013-2014 school year was called to order by Dan Cutler at 7:32 PM. Steve Flinn led the flag salute.


    Christi Dahl, Business Manager gave everyone a copy of the 2013-2014 Proposed Budget.  She went through the budget and answered questions. She did a superb job of preparing the Budget and was able to answer all questions.


    The Budget Hearing was closed at 7:55 PM.


    Dan Cutler called the regular meeting to order at 7:56 PM


    Comments for the good of the school:

    Steve was welcomed back after his hospital stay.

    The web site will look different when school opens in the fall. SchoolWires is now the webmaster.







    The Minutes of the June 18, 2013, Board Meeting were approved. Motion: Lorna St. John, Second: Suzanne Savall. Passed by unanimous vote.


    Budget Status:


    The review of the Budget Status Reports for June, 2013. Motion: Lorna St. John, Second: Suzanne Savall Passed by unanimous vote.


    Operating Budget:

    The Operating Budget for June, 2013, was approved. The vouchers as audited and certified by the auditing officer, as required by RCW 42.24.080, and those expense reimbursement claims certified by RCW 42.24.090, are approved for payment. Motion: Lorna St. John, Second: Steve Flinn, to approve payroll and benefits, which included Direct Deposit 900000525 through 900000534, and Check Number 11778 through 11778, in the amount of $48,226.20, and approved Accounts Payable, which included vouchers 11757 through 11777 in the amount of $25,700.98. Passed by unanimous vote.


    Continuing Business:



    New Business:

    The Board approved Resolution 13-02, Fixing and Adopting the Budget of the Orchard Prairie School District No.123, Spokane County for the 2013-2014 School Year. Motion: Lorna St. John, Second: Suzanne Savall. Passed by unanimous voice vote.


    Meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM, by Dan Cutler, Vice Chair




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